Button Maker Rental

Need promotional materials for your organization or event? Want to tell the world how you’re feeling or what your favourite colour is? Silence has a button maker and all of the materials you will need to create custom buttons for any occasion. You bring the artwork, we provide the rest (including a work space).

Pricing is below, email us for more information or to book a time.

Button Maker Rental Fee: $15/hour + H.S.T. includes use of the press and the Sparrow’s Nest or office space.

Supplies Pricing:

25 Small Buttons: $4.00
50 Small Buttons: $8.00
100 Small Buttons: $16.00
25 Large Buttons: $6.00
50 Large Buttons: $12.00
100 Large Buttons: $24.00

Large buttons are 2.25″ in diameter.
Small buttons are 1.25″ in diameter.

Plus H.S.T. and the Rental Fee/Hour

To book the press or for more information please contact info@silencesounds.ca