silence facade
Silence Sounds was created by Ben Grossman in 2012 to serve as a portal for new and exciting sound events. The space is now curated by artists and managed by a Board of Directors.


Our mandate is to serve as an accessible listening space for all kinds of music, with a focus on new music and improvised content. (You can read our full mission & vision here.)


A Curation Committee programs the Silence Sounds series, and also reviews submissions & requests.
We have a monthly quota of 4-6 artists/groups we present in the Silence Sounds series. These artists don’t pay to play the space, and take most of the door. We keep 25% of the door after the first $100 to cover our costs. (If they make $150, we keep $13.)
Once we reach our monthly quota of ‘presented’ concerts, a rental fee applies for anyone who wishes to perform or rent the space, as follows:


$125 Evening rentals for performances, community events, DIY groups

$250 Institutional evening rentals

$35   Hourly rate for daily meetings (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

$130 Half-day meetings (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

$250 Full day meetings (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

These rates include a piano, a PA, a drum kit and lights.
That being said, the space will continue to be made available whenever possible at a rate that is as affordable as can be managed within the contexts of sustaining the space.
Feel free to contact us if these rates are a barrier to your participation, we’re happy to discuss.
The cover for most of our shows continues to be $10/PWYC.
We remain committed to foster an atmosphere of relaxed but attentive listening, creation, performance, discussion and debate!



Silence main space


46 essex st, guelph ontario

we’ve recently completed major renovations to the space – it’s now bigger, better, wheelchair accessible, with better power, lights…

what is it?  it’s a mostly open room of about 920 square feet (seated capacity ~55, standing ~90), 10-12’ ceilings, white walls suitable for projections or artwork, a counter/bar where home-roasted espresso is prepared.  it’s a space suitable for concerts, workshops, meetings, rehearsals, film screenings, installation art, improvisation sessions…

a lot of work went into getting it ready, with a lot of help from some great people.  special thanks to colin couch, daniel fischlin, michael kosir, henry muth, gary diggins, tom wolf, jason maraschiello, gord auld, dan beeson, cathy crips, rick kowalczykowski, eden segal-grossman, doug horne, lynette segal, val morse, isabel segal-grossman (and probably others i’ve overlooked, sorry!).  spiritual guidance by joe sorbara, scott thomson, ron gaskin, daniel fischlin, peter bradley and everyone who’s come out to shows or said “what a cool idea”.  thank you!

we are also delighted to share our space with some kindred spirits.  please check out their work too.