Bumaroo Presents: Here’s the Rest

Bumaroo Presents: Here’s the Rest

November 29, 2019 
Show at 7:00pm

Tickets $10


We know you guys were as sad as we were that we had to end our event early due to…complications, and we just could’t have that!

SO we are happy to present, Bumaroo: Oops! Here’s The Rest !

Come on down to Silence This Nov. 29th and enjoy some bands you didn’t get to see at Bumaroo! New merch will be available at the Event that your not going to wanna miss, So stay tuned for updates 😉

$10 Cover/ Doors Only
$5 SPA
$5 Kicking Back

Tim Turvy and ETs (Brantford)

Seawater + Rose (Guelph)
A two piece band consisting of Dani Heidebrecht on bass and Olexa Brisson on drums. Their music is probably best described as experimental alternative rock/punk, and their live performances are super high energy

Flo (Guelph)
Guelph Local, Electronic Producer and songwriter, FLO combines elements from a vast array of sounds and genres together to create a an immersive experience of ornate delicate sounds, booming Basslines, and silky chopped vocals.

Sponsored by Wellington Brewery