Barbara Dametto Art Exhibit Launch

January 6, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm


About “Kissing the Ground”

I chose the title, “Kissing the Ground” for this art exhibit because it reflects my gratitude of nature- the primary source of my inspiration.The ground is both life giving and devouring. It is where I plant my seeds and establish my roots. It is what supports my feet as I walk my path. It is the place where I go to when I fall down. It is what is pulled out from under me when life unravels. It is what cradles me when I am in awe and when I am broken. On many occasion, I have pressed my face into the forest floor, smelled, tasted, surrendered and learned to see that which cannot be seen. Hear that which can not be heard.

After having just lived in the forest for the past 8 years, I consider nature (and the ground) to be my best friend and teacher. I am forever thankful for all the signs, symbols, solace and small objects of beauty that now abide in my work.

“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again.” Rumi.

Artist Bio

Barbara (Eva) Dametto is a visual artist, dancer, actor/playwright, expressive arts practitioner and educator. She received her formal education at the University of Waterloo (B.A. dance, kinesiology, theatre), York University (B. Ed. fine arts education), and Fleming College (expressive arts). Over the years she has worked in Toronto, Port Hope, Peterborough and Bancroft as a dancer, choreographer, painter, actor, clown, teacher and yoga/meditation instructor. What inspires and motivates Barbara to create visual art is her desire to allow spirit to move through her without judging, directing or predetermining the outcome. Her bold and colorful images flow onto the canvas with the use of acrylic paint and mixed media- mostly found in nature. Her work can be described as intuitive expressions of personal impressions, experiences and dreams. Her paintings are not a destination but rather a journey inward. Barbara’s work illuminates her belief that when one is in alignment with what excites them most- creativity flows effortlessly and endlessly.

Barbara’s work has recently been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Bancroft (Landscapes of the Spirit, September 2015) where she co exhibited with two other Canadian artists. She is also the recipient of several awards of honourable mention for two dimensional designs in recent juried shows at the Art Gallery of Bancroft.

Artist Statement: Barbara (Eva) Dametto

I see the canvass as my stage. As a dancer, I express my ideas through movement, breath and performance art. Initially there is an inspiration. Perhaps this is music, or a feeling, or an idea. Whatever the case, there must be lots of room for interpretation and a willingness on my part to not be in control; to let one impulse of creativity follow the next. Likewise, when I stand in front of a blank canvas, I connect with an inner source that I believe is beyond the self. One could say that I simply, “get out of the way” and allow spirit to create authentically and without judgement. There is no predetermining. My job as an artist, is to be in alignment with inspiration and to accept what unfolds in front of me. To hold space and honor what is birthed whether I like it or not.

Through this process, my paintings tend to be mystical in their nature. They are often bold andcolorful with lots of movement, direction and vigor. The dancer in me makes use of qualities of shape, line, pattern, texture and form. My paintings are expressive and full of life. They are intuitive, abstract expressions of personal experiences, feelings, impressions, dreams and insights. They are often a curious surprise to me.

Sometimes whimsical and playful. Sometimes aloof and formless. Sometimes sharp and loud and sometimes sacred and reverent. Whatever the case, my work is not a destination but rather a journey within which is always changing and evolving. If it touches something within your own being and makes you feel more real, then I know as an artist that I’ve done my job.

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