Friends & Supporters

We ask you to partner with us to reach our goal of $20,000, which will help artists share their work in a way that is sustainable and fulfilling. Any gift is welcome, but we encourage gifts of $10, $25, or $50. We will acknowledge your generosity below. Anonymous donations are welcome.

Your gift today will allow Silence to achieve three important goals for 2018:

  • host monthly local and regional “Silence presents” concerts with an emphasis on emerging musicians/bands
  • offer artists guaranteed fees that provide stability and are not subject to uncertain door collections
  • enhance artists’ experience in our space through improved sound equipment and instruments

Artists are rarely able to make a living from their passion, despite tireless rehearsing and touring, because society undervalues creative endeavours. In Ontario, musicians earn an average of $18,353 per year and a median of under $12,000. This is why we showcase artists at no cost to them and typically provide them over 90% of what is collected at the door.

Silence acknowledges the help of the following individuals and organizations:
Elizabeth Abraham
Barbara Andrew
Alan Armstrong
Frederique Arroyas
Art That Moves
Aten Publishing
Sandra Auld
Ian Bain
David Barnett
Jeff Bird
Christine Bold & Ric Knowles
Florence Borshy-Desroches
Adam Bowman
Dean Boyd
Peter Bradley
Isaac Brant
Kevin Breit
Matt Brubeck
Ross Butler & Belinda Leach
Cathy Cassel (aka Sparrow)
Jeff Cairn
Sheri Cohen
John Coniglio
Colin Couch
Cathy Cripps
David Dacks
Dead Dog Cafe Productions
Ian Digby
Gary Diggins
George Douglas
Scott Drew
James Egan
Paul Fair
Daniel Fischlin
Ron Gaskin
Dennis Gaumond
Herb Goedecke
Yuri Gorbachow
Thomas Griffiths
Ben Grossman
Robert Harris
Julie Hastings
Bryon Hayes
Ajay Heble & Shiela O’reilly
Doran Hoge
Doug Horne
Stephen Hudecki
Susan Kennedy
Dong-Won Kim
Tom King
Amanda Knapp
Catherine Kormendy
Michael Kosir
Rick Kowalczykowski
David Lee
Sally Ludwig
David Lander
Sheila Matson
Brad Mcinerney
Terry Mckenna
Andrew Mcpherson
Lewis Melville
Scott Merritt
Jeff Mitscherling
Ian Molesworth
Barbara Monk Feldman
Tiina Moore
Val Morse
Henry Muth
Martha Nandorfy
Joni Nehrita
Lorenzo Papastopol
Ben Pedersen
Patricia Quinn
Colleen Renihan
Evelyn De Roo
Brent Rowan
See Through Music
Lynette Segal
Eden Segal-Grossman
Isabel Segal-Grossman
Emily Shephard
Stephen & Anne-Marie Sims
Julie Dawn Smith
Joe Sorbara
Soulful Living
Spirit Drums
Alan Stanbridge
Andrze Stefaniak
Robert Teeter
Lucas Tensen
Scott Thomson
Jude Vadalia
Jamie Villeneuve
Carey West
Roger White
Laurin Wolf
Tom Wolf
Woodhall Music Canada
Roelf Zantinge