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Basic Text Tee – $20.00

Model is wearing a medium in gold

Colour :
Size :







Basic Icon Tee – $20.00

Model is wearing a medium

Size :








Baseball Text Tee – $30.00

Model is wearing a small in white/royal

Colour :









Text Sweatshirt – $35.00

Model is wearing a medium in sport grey


Colour :
Size :






Model is wearing an XXL in red












Tote Bag – $10.00

Colour :







Lanyard – $5.00








Mug – $8.00









When Rivers Meet – $15.00

by Various Artists in collaboration with the Improviser-in-Residence Program







The Narrow Road to the Deep North – $15.00

by Bob Vespaziani and Arthur Bull







Playing House – $15.00

by Common Holly







So Long Seven – $15.00

by So Long Seven







Tripping the Void – $15.00

by Jocelyn Drainie







Cheer on the Sun – $15.00

by Drumhand







Contretemps – $15.00

by Drumhand







Skydiving – $15.00

by Nick Zubeck








Tracker – $15.00

by Nick Zubeck








Groundless – $15.00

by Nomad








As We Are – $15.00

by Nomad








Impulse – $15.00

by Thomas Carbou & Patrick Graham








The Signal – $15.00

by Elizabeth Shepherd








Heavy Falls the Night – $15.00

by Elizabeth Shepherd







Ensorcell – $15.00

by Bill Gilliam








Silence Morning Music – $15.00

Compilation of improvisational sessions







Inspiration Music – Voice & Didjeridu – $15.00

by Sonomusa







Aerialists – $15.00

by Aerialists








By Heron & By Season – $15.00

by Emily Millard







Hold True – $15.00

by Vertical Squirrels








Winter’s Gate – $15.00

by Vertical Squirrels







The Wind Beneath the River – $15.00

by Kim Dong-Won







The Night Watch – $15.00

by Boundaries







The Phantom Hunter – $15.00

by Lee / Palmer / Bennett







Birth Stories – $15.00

by Sheri Cohen Tman







Pour Guitare – $15.00

by Steve Cowan







Vol. 3 “Live” – $15.00









Improvisations Vol. 1 – $15.00








At Somewhere There – $15.00

by Evan Parker, Wes Neal & Joe Sorbara







Future Peers – $15.00

by Future Peers







Songs of the Future – $15.00

Various Artists featuring the Tomorrow Collective








Banjola – $650.00

This “banjola” originated in the 1940s as a tenor banjo and was acquired by Kevin Breit in 2002 until 2015. It has made serveral appearances on Kevin’s discs as well as the Grammy-Award winning Norah Jones disc, Feels Like Home, and the Gold-Award Serena Ryder’s If Your Memory Serves You Well disc. It’s tuned in fifths like a tenor guitar (CGDA – low to high) but can be tuned any way. Provenance included.

E-mail if you have questions or wish to purchase this item.



Tuning the Eardrums – $25.00

by Gary Diggins

Tuning the Eardrums invites the reader to approach listening as an intentional act, Gary Diggins draws upon his background as a musician and therapist in order to help individuals become more present to the ever-shifting nature of sound, music, words, or even silence. This guidebook considers our aural sense from multiple angels and provides practical ways to relate to someone or something through deep listening. The content mixes personal stories, psycho-spiritual principles, and scientific research with mindful and musical practices. In a time when distractions and multi-tasking abound, this book helps us remain attentive as we receive or respond to the unseen world of sound.