Meet Our Volunteers!

Cathy Cripps

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Cathy Cripps is a R.N. with a Bachelor of Science and certificates in Reiki and Craniosacral therapies. Cathy has been with Silence since its beginnings and assisted during major renovations. She is instrumental in running the Silence café and maintains inventory. She has been playing duns and jembe for five years and practices weekly. She is after-hours property manager for the Guelph Campus Co-op and loves her job as pet sitter.


Gillian Elder


Various forms of art and the arts community have always been a large part of Gillian’s life which inspired her to volunteer at Silence. Gillian holds a degree in Fine Arts and Museum studies. She is currently pursuing school part-time in Therapeutic Recreation. As a visual artist, Gillian enjoys working with a mixture of mediums including painting, printing, drawing and ceramics. 


Christine Mills

Christine has made Silence her second home for several years now; she’s a regular at Morning music, and often collaborates with other Silence denizens in a variety of musical endeavors, usually while downing one of Cathy’s stellar cortados! She plays about a dozen instruments with wildly varying levels of competence. Christine has been a volunteer at Silence for about a year and loves designing posters and other promotional material. In her “other” life, she and her partner Sally play in a couple of bands, raise backyard chickens, and are co-founding members of the social change organization, Transition Guelph. Christine is a transgender woman and also does volunteer work in the LGBTQ community.

Kaitlin Russell

Kaitlin has recently finished a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Guelph. She works and volunteers in downtown Guelph while creating art in her home studio. As an artist, she paints, sculpts, sews, and works in text and sound. Kaitlin is also an experienced cat-sitter and is learning to embroider in her spare time.