Adam Lindsay Honsinger

Adam Lindsay Honsinger

July 3-25, 2019

As an artist who divides his time between illustration, music,
and writing, drawing for me is a meditative and playful
exercise that allows me to both concentrate on the form and
detail of a subject and to contemplate its nature and
beauty—to look closely, to study, and to imagine.

Inspired by the works of the naturalist painter John James
Audubon and the whimsical notebook renderings of
Leonardo da Vinci, my visual work attempts to capture the
iconic quality of a subject and to express the wonder inherent
in the ordinary.

Each piece in this series began with a pencil sketch on a birch
panel which was then outlined and coloured with inks,
marker and coloured pencil.

I have shown at the Riverdale Art Walk in Toronto, at the
ebar, the ACE show, and most recently at Art on the Street.