Welcome to our curated Bandcamp Friday list! Here, you’ll find performers who have played at Silence, are improvisors, are from all over the province (and country!), and most importantly: have BANDCAMP! Please consider supporting these amazing performers today. Bandcamp waives all fees for performers on the first Monday of every month to support performers during the pandemic. Do what you can to support them, too!

Tragedy Ann is a forward-looking folk duo from Guelph, Ontario.

With intimacy and care, Liv Cazzola & Braden Phelan favour a flashlight over a spotlight in songs for community, nature, and hardworking hospital staff. Braiding organic vocal harmonies with accordion, singing saw, guitars, and ukulele, Tragedy Ann’s arrangements are as delicate as they are driving.

Performed at Silence? ✔ | Guelph band | Woman-identifying

Forward-looking Folk


Based out of Guelph, Ontario, is the fast talkin’ indie rockin’ four piece Animal Boy. Producing music with shades of punk, indie and surf, they’re looking to scream, strum, slap and smack their way to subjective mediocrity.

Performed at Silence? ✔ | Guelph band

Punk/indie/surf rock


Errunhrd is an alt. electronic project created by multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, and songwriter Shirin Ghoujalou. She is notable for her intimate vocals and ambient sound.

Performed at Silence? ✔ | Woman-identifying | Queer-identifying

Dream Pop, Trip Hop, Ambient, Indie Electronic


Roots music, rough-around-the-edges folk. Canadian songwriter Lynne Hanson prefers “porch music with a little red dirt.” Hanson’s songs are like a favorite pair of jeans. They’re faded and worn through in spots, with a bit of honestly-acquired grit ground into the seams.

Performed at Silence? ✔ | Woman-identifying

Americana / Roots


James Bailey is an improvising sound artist living in Toronto. He creates works using whatever sound sources give interesting results.

Performed at Silence?



DJ Techné is a Nanaimo-based turntable sound artist and writer.

Performed at Silence? ✔

Hip-hop; instrumental; jazz


Ellwood Epps is an improvising trumpet player, teacher, and musical organizer who lives in Montreal and Boston.

Performed at Silence? ✔

Improvised Music


New Hermitage is an improvised music ensemble from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Performed at Silence? ✔

Ambient improvised music


Smomid utilizes instruments he designed and built to perform interactive computer music. Smomid music features glitchy and scattered beats, sampling, abstract textures, and improvisation. Smomid music draws on varied influences and creates bizarre juxtapositions. After listening to several Smomid tracks one gets the impression that anything is possible and that all sound universes can coexist. 

Performed at Silence? ✔

Electronic, Experimental, Improvisational, Technologist, Audio/Visual, Breakcore, World, Jazz, Classical, New Music


Shawn William Clarke is an indie folk songwriter, twice nominated as Songwriter of the Year in NOW magazine’s Best of Toronto poll. His recent release, TOPAZ, was inspired by 80’s Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Buttrey’s drumming on Neil Young’s “Harvest”; and the existential dilemma’s we faced in 2016.

Performed at Silence? ✔

Indie, folk, ambient


 Performed at Silence? ✘ | POC-identifying | Woman-identifying

Multi-media, digital media, processed voice & violin, processed live photography, ambient experimental, improvised music, immersive


Queer effected bass clarinetist of the post-progressive ambient / avant-garde variety around Southern Ontario, Canada.

Performed at Silence? ✘ | Queer-identifying | Disabled/neurodivergent-identifying

Post-progressive ambient / avant-garde / electroacoustic/ contemporary soundscapes


Like the Mind is a new instrumental ensemble led by Meredith Bates made up of six award-winning female musicians from Canada and Sweden. Peggy Lee (cello), Lisa Ullén (piano), Meredith Bates (violin), Lisen Rylander Löve (saxophone), Elisa Thorn (harp), and Emma Augustsson (cello).

Performed at Silence? ✘ | POC-identifying | Woman-identifying 

Improvised music, large ensemble, experimental new music


We are Thunder Nation! Its members hail from parts of Ohio areas and Pittsburgh originated in 2001 with close family and friends.

Performed at Silence? ✘ | Indigenous-identifying

Powwow music


A talented improvisor and performer, award-winning violinist Meredith Bates is known for her elegant and virtuosic sound.

Performed at Silence? ✘

Ambient experimental improvised music (processed violin)