Digitally Curated Concert Series

Digitally Curated Concert Series

A new series of music, video, interview, and text content posted every 5 minutes starting at 6pm to give you the curated concert you deserve!

Due to Silence having to close its doors for the safety of our community, we have taken our talents online. All bands were scheduled to play at Silence but had to be cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19. But we didn’t think it would be fair to deprive you of talented bands and musicians just because we do not have access to our physical space:

Introducing our new #digitallycuratedconcert series!

Schedule of concerts:
April 10 – Olivia Shortt
April 11 – Suitcase Sam
April 25 – Pierre Bensusan
May 1 – Sterling and the Birdwatchers
June 4 – Emily Rockarts Music & Chynna Lewis
June 6 – Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People & Tarxanax

Head over to Silence at 6pm for the #digitallycurateconcert!