Jenna Kessler’s EP Release Party with Annie Sumi

Jenna Kessler’s EP Release Party with Annie Sumi

January 31, 2020EP RELEASE: “A Still Life”

Very very excited to finally drop this little bundle of songs into your lap. We are going to celebrate with a night at Silence where we will serenade you with tunes from the EP, as well as some other originals I’ve been singing to myself for the last few months. There may be some visuals in the works as well 😉

I will be joined by some special friends and players, each of whom have their own musical projects. Jesse Matas is a damn good poet and lyricist and will be on guitar, Charlotte Moore plays a mean cello, Sean Warren keeps us energized on drums, and David Alexander Stein (who also made the record possible!) will play some sugary bass lines. I’ll be plunking away on the 1959 Steinway and serenading you.

These songs have been mulling around in my head and heart for years, and I’m very happy to share them with you in this format. These songs are snapshots of everyday life, earshots of an inner world. These songs were written to console.

I’m also very very happy to share the stage with Annie Sumi ,songstress fantastique. She will capture your heart as soon as she steps up to the mic. Here’s what her bio truthfully tells about her music…

“Dancing on a line between imagination and reality, ethereal-folk artist Annie Sumi’s music invites you into a familiar otherworld. Like an inbound wind, her voice begins with a whisper, gathers strength and purpose, and transforms into an airy howl. Her songs take you to places – of quiet wonder, of unspoken love, of tranquil landscape.”

Please join us for a lovely, fluttery night.

Doors at 7:30pm
Annie will start the eve’n off right.
$10 cash or PWYC if you’re in a pinch.
There will be Kombucha, Espresso, Tea for sale.
Some snackoos will also be available.