Left To Your Own Devices

Left To Your Own Devices

Opening Reception:

March 12, 2020


Entertainment will be music by Frenz

A new art exhibition is now on the walls of Silence. Stop by during gallery hours to see Left To Your Own Devices by Ahmri Vandeborne and Emelie Robertson.

Emelie Robertson and Ahmri Vandeborne‘s artistic practices both use painting as a medium to display and question the perception of nature and the environment; through time, memory and process. We’re excited to share their work and enjoy the evening with music, friends and Frenz.
From lounge to noise. FRENZ makes music in basements and occasionally comes up stairs to play for friends. Music for sitting and occasionally dancing. Their set will begin later half of the evening.

We hope you can come join us for this special evening at Silence. Admission is free, however we will accept optional donation for the band. (If you can’t come but still want to check out the art, the show will be up for all of March!)