May 2018 Music

May 2018 Music

The Young Novelists

May 31, 2018

The Young Novelists are a Toronto-based band fronted by husband and wife Graydon James and Laura Spink. Since the band’s inception in 2009, they have played stages across the U.S. and Canada, released three full-length albums, won numerous awards and continuous praise for their unmatched, effortless harmonies. Their last record “made us strangers” landed them a Canadian Folk Music Award for New/Emerging Artist, a nomination for Vocal Group of the Year, and reached top 20 on both !earshot and Stingray Music (formerly Galaxie) folk charts. With a sound that has been compared to everyone from The Band to ‘pre-weirdness’ Wilco, the band’s personal mission is to create sad songs for happy people — whether that means a nostalgic ballad or an upbeat anthem, The Young Novelists’ ability to tell familiar stories with a modern folk edge make them, and their songs, instant classics.

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Edge of Dylan

March 31, 2018

Please join us as Chris Shook performs the music of Bob Dylan.

Silence Presents: B’s Bees

May 27, 2018

B’s Bees is excited to announce the release of not one, but two albums in early 2018. Their first 2018 release, a tribute to the great Charlie Haden, and aptly titled “Dear Charlie”, has been selling strongly since it’s Jan. 2018 release, and reached #4 on iTunes Canada’s Jazz Charts. The album contains compositions from the various eras of Charlie Haden’s illustrious career, and includes several selections from his Liberation Music Orchestra repertoire, arranged in a new and exciting way.

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Yung Heazy

May 27, 2018

On February 13, 2017 Jordan Heaney wrote and recorded, “Cuz You’re My Girl” for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Not thinking much, it was uploaded to Soundcloud under the moniker Yung Heazy. The track went on to amass over four million streams in a few months with international interest following.

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Silence Presents: Adam Wendler wsg/ Ivan Rivers

May 20, 2018

Canadian singer-songwriter Adam Wendler released his most recent solo album, ‘Never Go Unknown’, in July of 2017. The album is packed with catchy melodies, soul felt lyrics and soaring vocal harmonies and showcases Adam’s unique guitar playing style that is reminiscent of the 1960’s, yet has a distinctive modern feel.

Celebrated Folk Icon Ivan Rivers is a Canadiana singer-songwriter from Huron County, Ontario and who know resides in the Royal City of Guelph, Ontario. His songs blend hard-earned realism, poetic mysticism, and tender romanticism into tender bits of lyrical beauty. Read more here!

Silence Presents: Gilliam / Milmine / Pottie Trio

May 17, 2018

Improvisors Orchestra Workshop performance with Bill Gilliam leading and conducting all workshop participants including Kayla Milmine (soprano sax) & Ambrose Pottie (drums). The Improvisor Orchestra workshop is for musicians, vocalists and other players to improvise together using conducted hand signals developed by Butch Morris.

Bill Gilliam (piano), Kayla Milmine (soprano sax) and Ambrose Pottie (drums) will perform music from their latest CD “Entangled Pathways” combining composed themes with free-floating melodies, jazz idioms and modal-chromatic tonalities as well as freely improvised creations.

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Silence Presents: Georgian Bay w/ Anna Wiebe

May 11, 2018

Georgian Bay fearlessly fuses elements of electronic, jazz and chamber music with their folk roots. This bilingual duo found critical acclaim with their 2016 Polaris Prize nominated sophomore album, Patience, extensively touring Central and Eastern Canada with appearances on such stages as the Mariposa Folk Festival and Le Palace de Granby Theatre. Georgian Bay’s third studio album, Courage, explores the themes evoked by the title in two volumes: Soleil (May 2018) and Moon (October 2018).

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Silence Presents Foonyap wsg/ Alder & Ash

May 10, 2018

FOONYAP is a classically-trained violinist and vocalist with an incomparable sound. Drawing comparisons to Björk, Braids, and Lhasa, her latest release ‘Palimpsest’ is a therapeutic reconciliation with her sheltered Chinese-Catholic heritage and the intense classical music training of her childhood.

Alder & Ash is cello taken to its absolute extremes of calm and violence. Montreal-based instrumentalist Adrian Copeland brings together elements of modern classical, noise, and doom, exploring the dichotomies of minimalism and maximalism, stillness and cacophony, terror and chaos. Read more here!

Silence Presents: So Long Seven

May 5, 2018

So Long Seven returns to Silence with copies of their brand new album Kala Kalo in CD and vinyl format!
So Long Seven performs richly textured acoustic music that brings their diverse influences into a distinctly Canadian voice. Influenced by bands such as Punch Brothers, Shakti, Oregon and many others the band is breaking new ground. At once spirited and meditative, So Long Seven creates a seamless tapestry of sound through their original music. Blending composition and improvisation, So Long Seven has been dazzling audiences all across Canada.

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