Mildew mildew, ferns, telly, and grels at silence

Mildew mildew, ferns, telly, and grels at silence

January 11, 2020

Hey folks. Will here with another show. It’s the last one I’m booking for a while and I’m pleased to say the lineup has come together beautifully.

Mildew Mildew are a chaotic twangly band from Mississauga, introduced to me by my friend Trevor. Their music ranges from raucous walls of noise coupled with wild stage antics to tender lilting moments filled with lush harmonies. (Often both in the course of a short song!)

The Ferns are a Hamilton indie rock band with a scrappy folky sound that forms a beautiful shell around their wry sense of humour and bleak, clear-eyed view of personal and social hypocrisy. This is going to be my first time seeing them, so I’m not able to provide a much better description, but I get vibes of Ween doing indie-folk, so I’m fucking stoked.

Telly is probably my current favourite Guelph band, so much so that I am actively petitioning to be a member! (Maybe if I announce that in an event description, it’ll happen!) Their impish wit and winning good-humour is matched by their really stunning pop-indie-rock songcraft. They’ve even been known to flex their freestyle rap chops. Telly will telly-port ya!!!

Grels is a new Guelph band (I think this will be their second?? third??? show?? maybe??) composed of Emily & Anne-Marie, one half of my favourite Guelph band of yesteryear, No Boys. I’m not sure what to expect, but Emily’s beautiful songs, voice, and guitar playing, Anne-Marie’s melodic bass work, and the dynamic of two best friends playing together, is worth the price of admission!

$10 or PWYC. Doors are at 7:30, music at 8. It’s a Silence show, so it wraps early and we’re gonna get started promptly!

All ages and licensed.

Please come in the spirit of love and joy.