Pipedown! Presents Tripper and the Wild Things wsg Sun Junkies & Teddy’s Atlas

Pipedown! Presents Tripper and the Wild Things wsg Sun Junkies & Teddy’s Atlas
November 28, 2019
Doors at 7:30pm
Show at 8:00pm
$10 tickets at the door or Eventbrite
PipeDown! provides an accessible venue for emerging artists to perform indie and/or rock music to audiences with similar tastes.
“The 4 piece indie rock group from Hamilton, Ontario, Tripper and the Wild Things are coming in full effect! They released their single “Caramel” and it instantly began with a progressive rock and smashing introduction. The energy begins eclectic and the delivery becomes electric! However, we’re still maintaining sanity due to the melodic lyricism from the vocalist. This soft-rock arrangement was great for exuding positive energy into its listener. If you felt dull prior to listening to “Caramel”, that completely changes. You’ve been transformed into a whole different mood and you’re thankful for it. It’s like the refreshing song we didn’t know we needed. I can picture myself peacefully shopping in a retail store while “Caramel” plays in the background, enhancing my experience at the specific store. It’s completely fitting for adding emphasis on everything we do. It’s great for a car ride, it’s great for a lonely listen, and it’s even great to jam out to with friends. “Caramel” is overall an exciting song that had us grasped to its fullest extent!” – BuzzMusic
With special guest
Sun Junkies
Rambunctious noisemakers from the middle of nowhere
Teddy’s Atlas
Fuzzy Alternative Rock. Playing live shows in Guelph, Ontario with Adam Brown on drums and Trevor Cooke on bass. ‘Blue tile Lounge’ and ‘Teddy’s Atlas’ are bedroom demos recorded/produced by Christopher Sharland. Logic drums on those EP’s.