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Silence presents the 2015-2016 Shift series, which spotlights 18 of the most innovative and groundbreaking concerts of new, classical, singer-songwriter, and world music. Shift fosters the risk-taking component of our mandate, provides a space for artistic growth, and showcases aesthetic diversity. All tickets are $15 or PWYC. Most shows start 8pm. Some of the upcoming Shift performances include:

Waleed Abdulhamid – April 15, 2016
Germaine Liu – May 8, 2016
Lucas Tensen & Sarah Boyer – May 13, 2016
Gerard Yun – May 21, 2016
The Visit – June 3, 2016

Past SHIFT series performances include:

Rich Brown & Jason Raso - March 11, 2016
Autorichshaw Trio & Trichy Sankaran – March 30, 2016
Katie Schlaikjer – April 2, 2016
Sharlene Wallace – April 10, 2016

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About Silence

silence is dedicated to presenting challenging new sounds, music, performance, art and film and fostering a innovative, creative, receptive community through workshops, improvisation sessions, discussion groups, in an accessible, convivial, welcoming atmosphere.  ‘high art’, ‘low art’, noisy, peaceful, quiet, loud, chaotic, disciplined, free, political, spiritual, angry, loving: makes no difference, as long as it makes us think and feel and challenges what we believe we know about sound, art, and aesthetics.

experimental – improvised – noise – contemporary classical – ambient – installations – sound art – outside electronica – found objects – computer music – drone – handmade music – post rock – psych – freak music – etc…it all has a home at silence.

since our first concert in october 2012 we have presented and co-presented well over 350 concerts, workshops, screenings and special events–at no cost for artists. morning music (a free-improv session on monday mornings) has been going non-stop since mid-2012, 52 weeks a year. in addition, we make our space and facilities available at a rate that is as affordable as can be managed. individuals and groups for hundreds of additional events of various types have used our space because it lends itself well to an atmosphere of community, support, and careful listening that many types of music thrive in.

check out our very busy concert series, frequent improvisation sessions, and workshops.