Facade at 46 Essex Street, Guelph, ON

Silence is dedicated to presenting sounds and musical practices that are diverse, challenging, sustainable and accessible through concerts, workshops and improvisation sessions. Silence serves as an incubator for practitioners and listeners alike.

Silence is unbiased in regard to genre, culture, class, and tradition; we foster risk-taking, innovation and experimentation in all forms of music and sound, as well as other artistic expressions presented in the space.

This Month’s Music Highlight: 
William Parker & Patricia Nicholson Parker
Friday, June 30, 2017 at 8 pm
Tickets $20 Adults or $15 Students, Seniors, & Under-waged
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William Parker and Patricia Nicholson make music, dance, poetry, as it comes through them, in order to uplift encourage and inspire the listener to enter the realm of their higher self. So they in turn may, in their own lives and work, act as a force for good. The ultimate goal of the art is for all who listen to it be filled with compassion.

For these performances the work will be a structured improvisation utilizing words, (spoken or sung), movements and tonal structures.  The structures for the dance and music will carry the form of the piece and communicate the essential theme.  The improvisation will elaborate on those structures so that the work can take advantage of and amplify what is happening in the moment.   The essential intellectual theme is that through art and a reverence for life and all that is creative, we can create a world where Peace becomes possible.

We make a point of giving equality to all of the arts utilized in each presentation.  This then becomes an example of how we can work together for mutual benefit.  Each artist is encouraged to utilize the full strength of their artistic discipline, bringing to audiences a powerful and unique presentation.

The goal of this tour is to create a dialogue between participating artists and audiences that opens the mind to envisioning our role in the world as creative beings that can make a difference.  By embracing creativity we find our strength and can reclaim hope in a difficult time.

Patricia Nicholson – dance, voice, words

William Parker – bass, donso nghoni, shakuhachi, reeds, percussion

Current Art Exhibition:
Stefan Berg: Architecture of Music

May 26 – June 29
Opening Reception: June 3, 7-9 pm

“Recording”, 2016, 14×14 inches, linocut, $460 framed

 Stefan Berg works in the form of the wordless novel using lino-block prints to create sequential single-image narratives. His work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States, and has received positive reviews from The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. “Architecture Of Music” is Berg’s second wordless novel, a series of 50 images in response to Glenn Gould and the notion of solitude. His previous work, “Buddy Bolden’s Last Parade” was published in 2008 by the Porcupine’s Quill, a series of 70 images depicting the culture of New Orleans parade music and the legend of Buddy Bolden.