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As one of the last independent music spaces left standing after the pandemic in Canada and in a scenario where the gig economy is in peril, we continue to fight to maintain an affordable and accessible space hosting ~200-300 events and shows in the space annually.

We’re launching an arm-in-arm community appeal for small donations through Canada Helps––$10, basically the cost of a monthly coffee––to ensure our continued long-term survival. The campaign, pun intended, is based on taking a Vow of Silence. All donations are tax-deductible. 

To take a Vow of Silence, simply fill out the form below. 

Send us a message if you like. Or take a Vow of Silence in honour of someone else. And finally, if so inclined, post a selfie with your finger over your lips to help spread the word and encourage others to contribute.  Or pass along this message to similarly community-minded individuals who may be able to help.  All donations support Silence’s mission to present diverse musical practices and to incubate risk-taking, innovation, and experimentation in all forms of music and sound, as well as other artistic expressions showcased in a not-for-profit community art space.