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The @GuelphFringe Festival is coming up in August and we're so happy to say we're hosting several plays in our space! They're looking for volunteers so go and sign up to see some great shows and help out the community. silence_guelph photo
Saturday is meant to be such a nice and sunny day. Why not swing by Silence, donate to the Canadian @CancerSociety, and support #SteveNeville and #CharmedSinger! See you at 11am in the Silence parking lot on Saturday, July 2nd.
We are honoured to be a space to celebrate the life of Marley Yott. The Coffeehouse (followed by #FIERCE) will be one to remember!

See you at 6pm on July 9th at Silence!

We're very pleased to share that #CharmedSinger will be joining #SteveNeville this Saturday, July 2 at 11am at Silence!

More info for event:
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