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Simran Singh: to remember

May-June, 2024
‘To Remember’ is a self-titled show after the artists’ name, Simran, which in Punjabi translates to “the act of remembrance”. This body of work originally began as an exploration of the medium and its history but it soon evolved to an act of remembering who she is, why she creates, and her worth. It is easy to feel like a failure after graduating when you see your fellow art peers are succeeding where you aren’t. It is easy to compare oneself to another's own journey. But if the artist can keep creating, they know their worth. It is about remembering why they started creating art and why they should keep going.

Ash Godley: Flâneur

May 30-June 28, 2024
Ash Godley depicts residential and domestic scenes in their paintings. These quotidian landscapes are made uncanny by the dramatic contrast of flashlight beams, tv screens, and camera flashes, often seeking to cultivate the viewer’s anxiety in the dark, unknowable corners of the frame.

Closing Reception: June 27, 7-9pm