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DJ Shub

Facebook Twitter Chrome Considered to be the Godfather of PowWowStep, DJ Shub has undoubtedly pioneered a growing genre of electronic…


Unmuted is a celebration of the powerful voices, words, and music of seven Ontario artists.  It’s also a celebration of listening—with a full heart—at a…

Is it false advertising if there's no giant lizard playing the drums in the actual band? #KingDice

We've come a long way from papyrus, but this it's wonderful to watch how papyrus is still being made today!

Rebecca Casalino is an amazing artist who kept getting asked about their CV as an artist so they created a CV shirt! In this workshop, hosted by Ed Video, you can learn how to create (and update) your CV.

WE'RE HIRING! Interested in working in the arts sector with a cool non-profit org that supports local musicians, artists, and creators? Consider applying for our Administrative Assistant position, made possible by the Student Summer Jobs program!