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ON NOW: A new exhibition with works from Lewis Melville’s series Cabinet of Curiosities: The (Non-Essential) Dance of Life and Jane Bowen’s…


Unmuted is a celebration of the powerful voices, words, and music of seven Ontario artists.  It’s also a celebration of listening—with a full heart—at a…
Friend of Silence, Sam Boer of @SamsonWrote, and Jake Schindler bring to the stage Ursa: A Folk Musical!

"'Ursa' is the story of a young girl who runs off into the forest and encounters an anxious bear in the midst of an identity crisis."
The final #BackyardCarnivalConcert show is tomorrow!! Be sure to keep your eyes on our socials for the livestream of Tannis & Lewis, Will Melville, and @TragedyAnnMusic! silence_guelph photo
There's so much happening in the art world right now. @GuelphArts Council is a great resource for all your artistic needs! silence_guelph photo