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It's opening night! LaMira Theatre presents: Sandpaper. Head to Silence tonight at 7pm, PWYC tickets available at the door, and support local theatre!
Aug 26, 2022 | Doors 7:30pm | Show 8pm | $20

#JeremyYoung will perform improvised collage sketches for solo guitar on 1/4" magnetic tape using two open-reel machines and 42~ tape loops, based on source material from his latest record. Hope you join us!
Our monthly Audiopollination @improv_music events are a major success! In partnership with @GuelphJazz Festival (coming up this Sept. 15-18), improvisors come together for the most authentic collaboration of sound and skills. Will you be there this Friday, Aug 12 at 8pm? silence_guelph photo
After the @GuelphFringe Festival, we've got some theatrical shows lined up in our space!
Join us for opening night tomorrow, Aug 11, for LaMira Rose Productions Presents: Sandpaper. PWYC tickets are available at the door!