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DJ Shub

Facebook Twitter Chrome Considered to be the Godfather of PowWowStep, DJ Shub has undoubtedly pioneered a growing genre of electronic…


Unmuted is a celebration of the powerful voices, words, and music of seven Ontario artists.  It’s also a celebration of listening—with a full heart—at a…

In preparation of @AnimatistMusic finally being able to get back together safely, we're throwing it back to their last album, Inverted!

The timing of Thetimingwizard is impeccable!

"Chiharu Shiota has created entire universes woven from pieces of string, which has become her signature medium in the making of deeply moving, haunting and poetic large-scale environments interspersed with found objects..."

The second Queering Yoga session is tonight at 7pm! Thanks to @OPIRGGuelph, Zameen Sabet will take you through exercises and stretches to center your body.