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DJ Shub

Facebook Twitter Chrome Considered to be the Godfather of PowWowStep, DJ Shub has undoubtedly pioneered a growing genre of electronic…
Uplift – concert Listing

UPLIFT! Outdoor Concert Series

We are thrilled to announce a pop-up series of six FREE outdoor shows (in the Silence parking lot starting at 11AM) on Market Saturdays featuring…


Unmuted is a celebration of the powerful voices, words, and music of seven Ontario artists.  It’s also a celebration of listening—with a full heart—at a…


Our final UPLIFT concert series starts at 11am. Join us for live music with Emma Bortalon-Vettor, Ben Finley, Joe Sorbara, and Shaghayegh Yessemi. Will you join us?
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Calling all Black improvisers! @GuelphBHS has the perfect series for you!
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Guelph Black Heritage Society @GuelphBHS
(1/3) Introducing The Heritage Hall Theatre Company! The GBHS has partnered with the wonderful Kevin Nunn, a true theatre veteran, to bring you improv classes at their finest!

The leaves have fallen, the colours are here, and everyday is photoshoot day!

Comic by @Catana_Comics
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We love learning, and this peer-led conference hosted by @ARCHGuelph is a perfect opportunity to do just that! Join ARCH on Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct 19-20, for their Red Ribbon Festival! Register for this FREE conference below!