Silence Merch

Merchandise can be purchased at 46 Essex St, Guelph
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This “banjola” originated in the 1940s as a tenor banjo and was acquired by Kevin Breit in 2002 until 2015. It has made serveral appearances on Kevin’s discs as well as the Grammy-Award winning Norah Jones disc Feels Like Home, and the Gold-Award Serena Ryder’s If Your Memory Serves You Well disc. It’s tuned in fifths like a tenor guitar (CGDA – low to high) but can be tuned any way. Provenance included. E-mail if you have questions or wish to purchase this item.

Button Maker Rental

Need promotional materials for your organization or event? Want to tell the world how you’re feeling or what your favourite colour is? Silence has a button maker and all of the materials you will need to create custom buttons for any occasion. You bring the artwork, we provide the rest (including a work space).

Pricing is below, email us for more information or to book a time.
Rental Fee: $15/hour + H.S.T. includes use of the press and the Sparrow’s Nest or office space.

Small Buttons

$4 / 25 buttons
  • 1.25" in diameter
  • Make up to 100 Buttons

Large Buttons

$6 / 25 buttons
  • 2.25" in diameter
  • Make up to 100 Buttons