Audiopollination Guelph

Audiopollination Guelph

Audiopollination Guelph is a monthly music and arts event featuring ad hoc trios performing freely improvised creative music. All ages, skill levels, backgrounds, and artistic disciplines are welcome, including visual artists and dancers. This is a space to experiment and discover new sound-making and artistic methods. Audiopollination Guelph is also devoted to being identity-affirming space for all people, please come as you are and/or as you desire to be!

Feel free to sign up on whichever day and time works best for you and we’ll see you there! Sets will be approximately 20-30 minutes. Please only sign up for one spot to give as many artists a chance to perform as possible.

Venue: Silence, 46 Essex St., Guelph

There will be no cost to perform and all money collected at the door will be split between performers!

We have access to microphones, a piano, a drum-set, and bass/guitar amps in the venue, but otherwise please try to bring all of your own equipment to the event. If you do need additional equipment for your performance please contact Emjay at the email address below and we will attempt to accommodate using Silence’s equipment.

When you sign up for a slot please send an email to to confirm!