Friday, October 20th
Doors: 7:30PM
Show: 8:00PM


Whisper Gang

A quartet comprised of Corbin Hawkins (bass, vocals), Sean Winick (drums) and siblings JJ (piano, vocals) and Nick Mokrzewski (guitar, vocals), Whisper Gang unites elements of chaotic alt-rock with dreamy indie pop. By combining shoegazey guitars, neo-classical piano, emphatic drums, melodic basslines and impassioned vocals, they unleash a supernova of sound.

White Rabbit

“we’re from milton, ontario and make noise / shoegaze / alternative rock and like to be loud”

Halloween Animals

Halloween Animals is a mosaic of overflowing harmony and texture. Named after their childhood memories of pretending to be cats, bats and wolves, the heartbeat of Halloween Animals is an ageless imagination shared by six close friends and the music that flows from it. Rooted in the time-honoured arrangement of bass (Bensen Carter), drums (Thomas Laughton) and guitars (Andrew Laughton and Elliot Anton), the band’s tight yet expansive sound lies in its interlocking counterpoint of violin (Lauren Taylor) and cello (Morgan Lovell) and lush six-part vocal harmonies.