Silence Presents: Josh Cole

Silence Presents: Josh Cole
May 4, 2024
Doors 7:30pm
Show 8pm
Josh Cole‘s Kind Mind is yet another imaginative outfit to emerge from Toronto’s vibrant and curious-minded jazz scene. Playing Silence May 4th in support of Josh’s new album “Kind Mind” – the trio will feature Cole (of the Brodie West Quintet, October Trio, and Sandro Perri’s band) on bass and electronics, acclaimed saxophonist/ clarinettist Ted Crosby and the dexterous Michael Davidson on vibraphone and electronics. Their music is a finespun hybrid of their leader’s warm compositional signatures and the ensemble’s improvisational perspicacity, peppered with delicate electronic treatments and environmental recordings. Their vinyl debut sees the band continually walking the borders between chamber music and jazz, building gentle, compact forms with generous amounts of space, graceful melodic figures, and ear-catching textural details.
“Cole can be coolly lyrical, he can write a controlled “classical” counterpoint,
he can drop in some funk, and he can also let the improvisers loose in the stratosphere.” –
“The effect is both lyric and timeless, almost ambient, made by instrumental sounds as engaging as you might hear.” –Stuart Broomer, The Whole Note
“If you’re a fan of this instrumental palette, Kind Mind is a uniformly gorgeous collection of compositions speckled with field recordings, electronics, and passages of improvisation.” – Jesse Locke, Aquarium Drunkard