Gong Playing Introduction

Gong Playing Introduction

December 1, 20194:30pm

Tickets $20

Want to learn the art, techniques, and philosophy of Gong playing? That takes some time! Alas – this intro session gives a glimpse into the world of Gong playing. You’ll have opporunity to play a little, learn a little, ask questions, and soak up some good good vibes.

Join Gong Journeywoman, SA (Stacey) Bliss, for this afternoon sampler on Gong at the venue ‘Silence’ in Guelph. SA Bliss has trained with Gong Master Don Conreaux in 4 countries and continues to explore both theory and practice of the holistic sounds of Gong. Gong is also the focal point of her current postdoc studies at RISC (Regina Improvisation Studies Centre) at the University of Regina.

Your sampler on Gong includes: a handout on a few Gong teachings; learning the Universal Agreement / Greeting; approaching the Gong; theory and practice of how your body is a Gong; learning the benefits of Gong and holistic sound; and trying a few Gong strokes for yourself.

You do not need a Gong to attend this event. If you have one, please bring it! No experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome. If you have some Gong experience, you are also welcome to join and deepen your knowledge of Gong teachings.

All are welcome.