Mike Salisbury: Turning Point

Mike Salisbury: Turning Point

August 31st – September 25, 2019

Web: www.mikesalisbury.ca
Instagram: @mikesalisbury.ca

MIKE SALISBURY studied at the Toronto School of Art in the late 1980’s and was founder of the Toronto Student Art Gallery in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto. A graduate of University of Guelph and OALA Landscape Architect, he specializes in the design of playable sculpture and children’s playscapes.

Mike creates multimedia artwork with a drawing style consisting of one continuous unbroken line to create rich and complex images that communicate a surprising degree of emotional expression.

The intensity of his style relies on the ability of the viewer to integrate their own biases and emotional predispositions into the abstract‐realism of the image. At different viewing distances the subject matter is emphasized, discovered, rediscovered or vanishes completely. Up close we consume the image with an almost analytical focus on the detail, then transition to the larger context which brings us back to the gestural quality of the whole.

Mike has been a part of group events, solo exhibitions as well as several juried shows including The Wall of Art: Guelph Pride at Guelph Museums, and Fusion Art 3rd Annual Landscapes International Juried Art Exhibition. He was awarded Ontario Arts Council ‐ Conseil des arts de l’Ontario Exhibition Assistance Grant in 2018