*NEW DATE* Nilan Perera Prepared Guitar Workshops

*NEW DATE* Nilan Perera Prepared Guitar Workshops

May 13, 2023



3PM – $35/Participant

Participants will be required to bring electric guitars and amplifiers.
Amplifiers may be supplied by the venue/institution.
Theory: Without instruments
What is meant by the term ‘prepared guitar’.
What is the history and what are the examples of the contemporary sound world this practice inhabits? i.e.
electro acoustic composition, drone, tape composition, soundtrack, etc (with examples and links)
What can be an approach to creating music with prepared guitar?
Why is this important?
Examples will be provided.

Practice: With instruments
What are the types of materials used to prepare the guitar, both in composition and shape/size etc.
The way electric guitars and electric guitar pickups defining the sound (limitations and possibilities)
How does amplification factor into this?
A demonstration will be given delving into the details of these questions using various materials and
objects to illustrate.
Some preparations will be provided to participants who bring their own guitars.

Examples of sound artists/composers
John Oswald
Kaffe Matthews
Mira Calix

Slowpitch Sound
Louis Dufort
Mira Martin-Gray
Marcelle Deschenes
George Lewis (search electronic music)

Nilan Perera examples
Radio art/live
Prepared guitar + ‘demixes

W/Sarah Peebles