Pipedown! Presents: Piers Oolvai, Output 1:1:1 & Animal Party

Pipedown! Presents: Piers Oolvai, Output 1:1:1 & Animal Party

August 31, 2023

Doors 7:30pm

Show 8pm


Pulling up his gauntlets, dawning his wings and descending from his observational tower, Piers Oolvai soars across the ever-changing horizon to bend expectations. This is the marvellous persona of Nicholas Cooper from Southern Ontario, Canada, bringing out his wise spontaneous queer essence to the fore with minimalistic soundcsapes of post-progressive ambiance and avant-garde improvisations, across a spectrum of sweet, awkward, beautiful and nasty intonations with his effected bass clarinet, through extended and effect pedal techniques in tandem. It is a kaleidoscopic experience whenever Piers Oolvai shows the universe the confident powers he rightfully possesses.

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Animal Party is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer with a hardware-heavy live show, which includes live harp, midi controls, and live manipulation of pre-recorded sounds. She paints imagery of natural phenomena, relating to the human condition and her own personal experiences through music by blending dense textures, ample beats, organic and synthetic sounds. This synthesis shines all the brighter in its live and dance-focused audio-visual manifestation, which has most recently included the contribution of heavy-hitting drummer Astrolope, who complements the dreamy and abstract melodies and lyrics with a bombastic backbeat.

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OUTPUT 1:1:1 is an Avant-Goth Trio based in Toronto, Ontario. Haunting avant-gothic songwriter Daniel Janvier’s trio featuring Victor O and Jesse Williams take tortured song structures imbibing them with industrial noise textures and clattering metal that mix with Janvier’s foreboding guitar work and ghostly vocals. Murky emotional music that feels akin to Nick Cave or even the more subdued late period Scott Walker outings. Vocals call out from beneath a pile of improvised noise scraps and discarded distortion.

Janvier launched Output 1:1:1 initially as a solo project. On November 1, 2019, Janvier released debut Retroactive Rock Record. Recorded and engineered by Sean Sutherland, the album is an expressive and personal exploration of overwhelming fear. “I had a series of panic attacks in 2016. I started trying to interpret them through music and found my voice,” Janvier said about the development of the album. “Sean was incredibly supportive during this process. His own experiments pushed the songs into territory I didn’t know was possible.” In December 2020, Output 1:1:1 released MK II: Quiet Time as part of DemoFest 2020. Demo Fest raised funds for migrant justice network Solidarité sans frontières. Output 1:1:1 joined 200 other bands and artists submitting original work to the project. MKII: Quiet Time was Output 1:1:1’s first release as a three-piece.

Output 1:1:1 also runs the podcast Cold Waves of Comfort, titled after an album concept Janvier began in 2017. The podcast is split in two parts – one entirely music, the other part a conversation loosely related to the music.

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