*SOLD OUT* Silence Presents: Jennifer Castle

*SOLD OUT* Silence Presents: Jennifer Castle

December 13, 2023

Doors 7:30pm

Show 8pm


No hyperbole, Jennifer Castle is a spectacular songwriter. Castle’s singing carries the joy of life. It’s what helps keep the artist perched on the vanguard of celestial country and fantastical folk, a title she affirms once again. – The Fader

Castle’s music is not so much of the earth as floating above it, untethered to the natural order of time and space and often eschewing typical verse/chorus/verse structure to roam according to its own wandering spirit. As Lou Reed famously sang, “between thought and expression lies a lifetime,” and that’s where Jennifer Castle’s songs live—that grey area where observation mutates into rumination, and where the physical world dissolves into psychic terrain. – Pitchfork

Her songs mourn and rejoice, embracing the transformation of time, the eternal constellation of growth and decay and growth again … quietly gleaming with a rustic beauty and a deep, patient understanding of the mystic. – Aquarium drunkard