Closing Reception: Reclaiming Our Wild

Closing Reception: Reclaiming Our Wild

May 3, 2024


Get ready for our closing event for the Reclaiming Wild Womxn Art Exhibit. Join us in a Conversation Café, where we will have captivating and engaging discussions about gender, politics, & spiritual awakening practices; generated via the art & creativity, which has been inspired by the myths and stories told in “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Celebrate the strength, resilience, and beauty of all femmes, and womxn everywhere. Also enjoy an opportunity to bid on some very cool art pieces with our Silent Auction, raffle draws on gorgeous works and items, art making and more fun community connections.

Join us at SILENCE, here in Guelph, for this in-person event. Experience an inspiring collection of art aimed at empowering and healing through creative expression by female-identifying artists/creators.

This is a PWYC community event, all donations will be going to support GWWIC (Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis) & NWAC (Native Women’s Association of Canada)

All genders welcome… this is a brave space for all folxs.

Unleash your inner wildness. Embrace your untamed spirit. Reclaim your power. Honour your uniqueness. Connect with like-minded individuals. “If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman,

don’t worry, there is still time.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Let’s howl together and reclaim our Wild! Mature content.

Artists/creators include:

Visual artists: Barb Ann La Marre, Beverley Hawksley, Be Nadine, Christine McCormack, Colleen Telford, Erin Perry, Elspeth Wood, Heather Caruso, Grayce Perry, Goldie Sherman, Jenni Garvie, Julia Masci, Sue Eagle, Supria Karmakar, Verushka Samarkina, Vicky Force, Noella Upitis, the Wild Girlz of Drayton Heights Student Art …and many more.