Temporary Ensemble ft. Walter Gershon

Temporary Ensemble ft. Walter Gershon

May 23, 2024

Doors 7:30pm

Show 8pm


Temporary Ensembles Night
featuring Walter Gershon

Nim Agalawatte . electronics
Connor Bennett . saxophones
Emma Bortolon-Vettor . guitar
Brandon Davis . bass
jashen edwards . trumpet
Walter Gershon . saxophones
Aaron Hutchinson . trumpet, electronics
Jonathan Kay . saxophones, esraj
Nicole Marchesseau . piano
Joe Sorbara . drums, percussion
Emjay Wright . objects, voice

Walter S. Gershon (Ph.D.) is an Afro-Caribbean percussionist, saxophonist, and educator. As a musician, Walter has played with a wide variety of musicians and musical traditions including Mansour (Persian pop), Roberto Miranda, Rod Poole, Dana Reason, Badal Roy, and poets Quincy Troupe and EintouSpringer. With Renee Coloumbe and Mark Graham, Walter formed free/grove collective Erroneous Funk and is currently working with a Norwegian free collective (Sunniva Hovde, Tor Einar Bekken), modern expressions of traditional Malawian folk musics (Hovde, Rosha Vole), and a new trio, Os Dualistas. Walter is also Associate Professor, Critical Foundations of Education at Rowan University (NJ, USA) where he currently serves as coordinator for their Masters in Equity, Access, and Success in Education. His scholarship focuses on questions of sensemaking and sensibilities for disenfranchised youth, often using sonic methodologies to better understand young people’s ways of beingknowingdoing within and outside of schooling.

Temporary Ensembles are born, live short and potentially magical musical lives, and then sublimate into thin air. Their births involve a balanced merging of black arts as strange dice are selected and rolled and initiates are invited to make random selections with life-altering consequences. Their lives are intense, contingent, dripping with joyous risk and ugly beauty. They conclude with a sudden intake of breath that always already tastes of the moment after an end that already is. And then there is another.