Silence Presents: Kosmavermo wsg Hymns57 & Piers Oolvai

Silence Presents: Kosmavermo wsg Hymns57 & Piers Oolvai

November 10, 2023

Doors: 7:30PM

Show: 8:00PM


Kosmavermo is a four-piece instrumental postrock band from Ottawa made up of Joachim Toelke (ex South Pacific, guitar), Paul Cavanaugh (synth, guitar), JP Guevremont (drums) and Stuart Trew (bass). Driving motorik beats provide a foundation for groove-laden, delayed melodies and improvised oscillations.



Pulling up his gauntlets, dawning his wings and descending from his observational tower, Piers Oolvai soars across the ever-changing horizon to bend expectations. This is the marvellous persona of Nicholas Cooper from Southern Ontario, Canada, bringing out his wise spontaneous queer essence to the fore with minimalistic soundscapes of post-progressive ambiance and avant-garde improvisations, across a spectrum of sweet, awkward, beautiful and nasty intonations with his effected bass clarinet, through extended and effect pedal techniques in tandem. It is a kaleidoscopic experience whenever Piers Oolvai shows the universe the confident powers he rightfully possesses.


Hymns57 is the project name for Belgian born, Guelph resident Steven de Taeye, who’s a local social advocate and arbiter of ambient noise. Working primarily with guitar, synth, pianos and tape loops; creating a memory palace of tones and drones. A place where deep humanity and emotions can splay across ones mind and get lost in the drift he creates. A multivariate of carefully woven sound collage and loops of unique textures, evoke a lingering nostalgia designed to lead your ears astray.