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We are thrilled to announce a pop-up series of six FREE outdoor shows (in the Silence parking lot starting at 11AM) on Market Saturdays featuring AMAZING musicians and artists from the Guelph community and beyond. Designed to celebrate how MUSIC has the power to bring us together, to transform, and to UPLIFT! … no matter how challenging the times.

Unmuted is a celebration of the powerful voices, words, and music of seven Ontario artists.  It’s also a celebration of listening—with a full heart—at a time in our history when distancing and masking have quieted our sense of touch, quickened our other senses, and sent us to our screens and earbuds in search of meaning, clarity, enthrallment, and beauty. In a happy partnership that will span four months, Hillside and Silence present music and spoken word performances that will command your screen every other Friday starting October 16th, 2020 and culminating in Hillside Inside in February 2021.  First up next Friday is Joni NehRita. Jamaican-Canadian artist Joni NehRita writes songs about unity, hope and social justice. Her jazz-tinged brand of soul is infused with rhythms & sounds from her Afro-Caribbean background. A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, she has a gift for writing infectious, well-crafted songs that are deeply personal. This year NehRita…

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