Who’s There?

Who’s There?

April 1, 2023

7:00 PM at Silence, 46 Essex St, Guelph FREE, no cost to attend Doors open: 6:40 PM performance is about one hour refreshments available wheelchair accessible bathroom on main floor ages 16 + all are welcome!

Co-created and performed by:

Michael F Bergmann, Lucas Carravetta, Matt Endahl, Aimée Dawn Robinson

With special guest performers, annais, Ben Finley, Erwan Noblet

With outside eye Daniel Fischlin

With tech by Christine Mills and performers

Poster design by Aimée Dawn Robinson with contributed images by Lucas Carravetta and AI.

Come one! Come all! Join us at Silence the evening of April 1st, to see and hear collaborative music, video, and dance. All improvised, all the time.

After spending the autumn and winter together as colleagues in the first year of a PhD program focused on the concepts and worlds of improvisation – we now together become a band of performers with a giant country between some of us – asking the questions we need to as we continue to propel and be propelled through new and ever-changing worlds.

Additional info:

Who’s there? is many things. A question from the very first moment of Hamlet. A question about presence and absence. A question we ask of our instruments, our bodies, inside the woods, machines, robots, entities, and into the dark. Who is inside the supposed Monsters? Who are the real monsters? Who is behind things, who is the magician and who is the thief? Who pulls the strings and who pulls the heart. Who moves you?

“Who’s there?” is also a question which activates identities; we need to think before we answer – who am I, what do I represent, and how do I choose to be seen and identified?

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