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“We Are Women” Cabaret Show
Wednesday, July 12, 2017

we are womenWe Are Women is coming to Silence on 46 Essex Street!


A Cabaret Show celebrating women!

We Are Women’s mission is to give back to local women’s charities as well as connect, empower and support women through song.

Three women bring us on a musical journey of the female experience through excerpts from the musical theatre repertoire of the past century. Their relationships as sisters, parents, children, friends and lovers carry us through questions and stories about love, marriage, envy, loss, passion for life, and womens’ desire for independence and recognition.

A show for both women and men, don’t miss this thrilling and poignant cabaret show with soprano Suzanne Rigden, mezzo-soprano Kristin Hoff and pianist Sarah Russell.

All three artists live in Montreal, QC and have created this show to support local women’s charities and also to bring people together and heighten awareness through song and discussion.

A portion of proceeds will go to Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis.


Manatee, Thunderbird, Anamatist
July 7, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.42.20 PM

Thunderbird is a psychedelic/contemporary jazz quartet that coalesced out of Guelph ON’s vibrant music community in late 2012.

Anamatist is a 4-piece Post-Rock Sovereign Nation/Cult ready to destroy faces with supersonic vibrations and math homework.

Manatee is an 11-piece improvising ensemble that mixes wild sounds, danceable beats, massive horn lines, and audiences asclosely together as possible. The group uses hand signals to negotiate their way through improvised pieces of music, and invites audiences to control their music by learning and making those same signals.


William Parker & Patricia Nicholson Parker
June 30, 2017 


William Parker and Patricia Nicholson make music, dance, poetry, as it comes through them, in order to uplift encourage and inspire the listener to enter the realm of their higher self. So they in turn may, in their own lives and work, act as a force for good. The ultimate goal of the art is for all who listen to it be filled with compassion.

For these performances the work will be a structured improvisation utilizing words, (spoken or sung), movements and tonal structures.  The structures for the dance and music will carry the form of the piece and communicate the essential theme.  The improvisation will elaborate on those structures so that the work can take advantage of and amplify what is happening in the moment.   The essential intellectual theme is that through art and a reverence for life and all that is creative, we can create a world where Peace becomes possible.

We make a point of giving equality to all of the arts utilized in each presentation.  This then becomes an example of how we can work together for mutual benefit.  Each artist is encouraged to utilize the full strength of their artistic discipline, bringing to audiences a powerful and unique presentation.

The goal of this tour is to create a dialogue between participating artists and audiences that opens the mind to envisioning our role in the world as creative beings that can make a difference.  By embracing creativity we find our strength and can reclaim hope in a difficult time.

Patricia Nicholson – dance, voice, words

William Parker – bass, donso nghoni, shakuhachi, reeds, percussion

Ensemble Atlantica
June 29, 2017


Ensemble Atlantica presents Impressions: Ontario Tour 2017. Meet us at Silence Sounds in Guelph for our fourth performance of our tour. Join us for an evening of new sounds by young Canadian and international composers, along with a special piece featuring guest artist, clarinetist Jana Starling!

Our program, conducted by Baptiste Boiron, will consist of six new works of colourful variety by the following composers: Myles Skinner, James Lowrie, Jossée MacInnis, Pascal Bard, Abigail De Niverville and Baptiste Boiron. Expand your horizons and open your mind to an evening of contemporary music!

Ensemble Atlantica is an eclectic group of young aspiring musicians with goals of pursuing careers in the performing arts. Clarinetist and composer, Jossée MacInnis and, saxophonist and composer, Pascal Bard founded the ensemble in 2015 in hopes of fulfilling a creative calling as well as giving young composers an outlet to experiment.

The name Ensemble Atlantica originated from the artist’ roots to the Maritimes, calling Nova Scotia and New Brunswick their homes.

This concert of new classical music pieces will included a chamber clarinet concerto composed for and played by Dr. Jana Starling, Professor of Clarinet at the University of Western Ontario.

Sean Hales Showcase
Friday, June 16, 2017

 Sean Hales is a Canadian musician from Guelph ON who is surfing the beautiful waves of music towards an acoustic-pop, alt-rock, hip-hop, mystery genre. This Sean Hales Showcase will include an acoustic hip hop focused performance and some other great local artists! Come out to enjoy good vibes, great music, wine & beer, and great friends. All artists, musicians, listeners, and friends are welcome to come out for a pint and some great music!

SlowPitchSound with Lybido and Gary Diggins
June 15, 2017


 Using a turntable and electronic instruments SlowPitchSound rearranges live sampled audio fragments and transform them into lush rhythmic landscapes. Libydo an accomplished dancer and long time collaborator from Toronto, narrates through mind altering body movements. Together they combine music, dance and projected visuals to create a very unique experience. With clever visuals tricks, SlowPitchSound’s own style of turntable compositions and Libydo’s unique approach to dance, they take their passengers to new dimensions.“Definitely one of my favourite concerts of the whole season” – Kathryn Ladano (Artistic director at NUMUS Conserts)BIOSlowPitchSound is a trail blazer in the Toronto creative music scene. He is the resident experimental DJ for longtime new music organization SOUNDSTREAMS, one of the world’s leading contemporary music companies, and the largest global presenter of new Canadian music. Cheldon is an experimental turntablist or as he calls himself; scifi-turntablist. He has been developing his own style of music composition/performance art over nearly 20 years and has releases 7 studio recorded albums. His work has been featured at major establishments such as the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), Harbourfront Centre, Art Gallery of Hamilton, TIF Bell Lightbox, Roy Thompson Hall, Gardiner Museum, University of Guelph and Dundas Square to name some. Cheldon’s passion for breaking boundaries and presenting fresh ideas has allowed him to perform works in Sweden, Australia, Great Britain, USA, Netherlands and Canada. Past projects have been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council (OAC) and Toronto Arts Council.New Album “THK SKN” Available now! Get it for free: has been a part of Toronto’s urban dance scene, appearing and participating in various stage, festivals, showcases and music video’s. Throughout his career, Libydo developed his dance movements rooted in breakdance to emulate the spontaneity of musical rhythms and delivers distinctive expressions in a synchronistic display during live performances.His own dance style which includes an emphasis on improvisation also known as Freestyle has allowed him to share his talents in many diverse and creative performances that involved multi-disciplinary collaborations such as, Luminato Festival (2010), Manifesto Festival’s All-Styles Exhibition (2011) and with the Kitchener – Waterloo Orchestra (2011). He has also been a proud member of Event Horizon Dance (EHD), a company which fuses modern dance and breakdance since 2007. Through EHD and partnering with Dreamwalker Dance, Libydo has been able to conduct dance movement workshops for many schools across the GTA under “The Whole Shebang Tour” led by Andrea Nann (2009). Libydo wishes to continue teaching dance movement workshops, and ever evolving his own Freestyle dance in order to bridge other art forms into one expression through more collaborations and bring in his own uniqueness to complement any creative project.

Joni NehRita with Lilly Mason
June 8, 2017

 Toronto-born Jamaican-Canadian singer/songwriter Joni NehRita is not easily forgotten after seeing her live. Since re-locating to Guelph, this soul/jazz artist has become a staple on the local scene, known for steadily releasing great music, being fiercely loyal to her community and having a heck of a live show. It’s no surprise that she has become one of the Guelph/Waterloo Region’s best known and loved independent artists.The release of her 3rd album, Bloom showcases her best writing and production yet. The songs are infectious, poignant and groove hard. It is noticeably more “pop/funk” than her previous releases yet the themes of social consciousness and inner reflection that has connected her to her listeners remain. NehRita has a gift for writing well-crafted songs that are deeply personal. Much of her music hearkens back to a time when soul and funk music made you dance while also serving up social commentary and a call for change.She shines brightly during her live show & demonstrates her strength in be able to reach and connect with an audience. You know she feels the music and she leads you into feeling it too.Raji Sohal from CBC 3 Montreal may have put it best, “I can attest that in live performance her voice and stage presence are stellar and come off as endearingly natural. Joni had me hollering and cheering like I haven’t at an R&B show in a while.”As a vocalist, NehRita is a class act and has had varied experiences from professional musical theatre to singing with the KW Symphony Orchestra and Hamilton Philharmonic to selling out small theatres in Kitchener, Waterloo & Guelph. As a solo act and/or backing keyboardist or vocalist she has performed on such stages/events as The Montreal Jazz Festival, Hillside Festival, Waterloo Jazz Festival, Massey Hall, The Centre in the Square and countless venues across North America, Germany, England and Australia. In 2011 her single, “Are You Ready” peaked at #6 on the UK Soul Chart and received airplay on Canadian, US, and British radio stations. She is a voice coach, musical director of Guelph Glee and has sat on juries for The Ontario Arts Council. Her album The Bare Truth was made possible by a grant from the OAC.In spring 2015 she signed with Guelph label, Chanter Records who released “Bloom” in the fall. It receives regular play on CBC in Toronto & Kitchener-Waterloo & has just been added to the CBC’s national library. Working with industry veteran Rick Hutt of Cedartree Recording Studio proved to be the best recording experience thus far in NehRita’s career. His ears, instincts and attention to detail proved invaluable. She also gained a mentor and friend and is already planning her next project with him.
In 2016 NehRita plans to keep the fire and excitement about Bloom lit with playing festivals and touring southern Ontario and parts of Quebec. She is also writing and demoing new songs with Rick Hutt and exploring what direction her new project(s) will take.“Someone please call the people who decide the Juno Nominations and make sure they listen to…Bloom before making any big decisions. It will be a shame if the Canadian music industry gathers this spring & NehRita isn’t among the people being recognized for their work.”- Brian Williams, Editor of Guelph Life Magazine“About 30 seconds into ”A Fine Time”, I was pretty damned confident that Joni NehRita was the real deal. The selections strike hard and soothe the spirit…” ~Addi Stewart Now Magazine“What fans need to know is that I am a fan, first and foremost of music! I believe it to be a universal language and I believe in its power to evoke change.”, says NehRita herself.

Heart Beach, Devin & the Dark Light, Ten Boy Summer, Eddy Evvy
June 7, 2017

HEARTBEACHJune7ABOUT HEART BEACHSelf-described as “an ocean-pop band that plays sad, minimal, Hobartian, skuzz pop”; Heart Beach dazzled critics in 2015 with the release of their self-titled debut, following a feature on triple j’s Unearthed and a position in Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Australian Albums Of The Year.Band members Claire McCarthy (bass/vocals), Jonathon McCarthy (guitar/vocals) and Christopher Wessing (drums/guitar) interweaving girl-boy harmonies, insistent guitars and steady rhythms create uniquely crisp yet subtle sounds of simplicity and grandeur. Attracting comparisons to old-school greats such as The Pixies, Echo and The Bunnymen and Joy Division; the Tasmanian indie-pop trio’s musicianship is of the highest calibre.Heart Beach have shared stages with Harts, Andy Bull, Teeth and Tongue, Dick Diver, Day Ravies and The Ocean Party, Tam Vantage, Kitchen’s Floor, Bent, Popoliceand Jealous Husband, as well as hometown heroes The Native Cats and Naked and Treehouse. In 2014 the band toured New Zealand for Camp A Low Hum music festival, followed by performances at Falls Festival, A Festival Called Panama and Rose Quartz Festival at Lake Pedder last summer.In May 2016 a repressing of the trio’s self-titled debut was released in North America and Canada with Vancouver based label Kingfisher Bluez, and Heart Beach toured Australia nationally. Heart Beach return in 2016 with a brand new sophomore album ‘Kiss Your Face‘, set for release November 11 on Spunk Records.PRAISE FOR HEART BEACH“Like The Smiths, like Joy Division, this music is oddly and often wonderfully uplifting. Almost every song starts with a drawn-out chord poignant enough to break Rupert Murdoch’s stony heart. It takes a brave, thoughtful band to sound this vulnerable. Heart Beach are beautiful, beautiful, melancholy babies. Treasure them.”– The Guardian ★★★★“There’s something very satisfying about a band that limits itself to a simple aesthetic and builds a world with what they have.” – Rolling Stone“The Hobart band are keen observers of the tides, harnessing their power to create affecting and effective guitar pop. Listen carefully and you can hear sonar blasts from the past, the plaintive melodies and moods of ’80s post punk and scuzzy ’90s garage new wave reach the surface, but Heart Beach follow their own currents into new oceans of feeling.” – STACK Magazine“Bringing together the best elements of contemporary Australian music – laconic guy/girl harmonies, jangling guitar and bass lines and just the right amount of fuzz.”The Music“You know that feeling you get floating in the ocean? Weightless, worry-less drifting? If you could combine that with the sting of hot sand between your toes, it would feel a lot like Heart Beach. Their music is chill enough to take you to a place of pure calm, but edgy enough to tingle your ears into an all-sense inclusive frenzy.” – Happy“Tassie trio Heart Beach have really come out strong off the back of their debut self-titled album.” – AU Review“Heart Beach brings out the droning guitar, simple drum beats and fuzzy leads that is undeniably charming, melancholic and just god damn perfect.” – The Wandering Lamb

The Brian Pickell Band, 8pm
June 2, 2017
Brian Pickell-1The Guelph Celtic Orchestra is proud to bring you a weekend of World-Class-Multi-Award-Winning Celtic Music!

Friday, June 2nd: The Brian Pickell Band, featuring Shane Cook, Fiddle Champ!
Saturday, June 3rd: Rankin/Robertson of “The Outside Track”, featuring Mairi Rankin, Cape Breton Fiddler Extraordinaire, and Ailie Robertson, Scottish Harp Wiz!

Pulled together by the magnetic, globe-trotting compositions of Brian Pickell, the group combines the talents of Shane Cook, multiple winner of the Canadian and Grand Masters Fiddle Contests and the American Grand National; revered Ottawa multi-instrumentalist James Stephens on fiddle, mandolin, bass and viola; and Pat O’Gorman, an admired mainstay of the Canadian music scene, on flute, whistles and pipes. Julie Schryer is widely considered to be one of the finest piano accompanists in Canada, and Brian is an accomplished composer, guitarist, and banjo and mandolin player. Together, they are a musical force of nature.

Brian’s compositions are now being played and recorded widely: Deaf Shepherd (Scotland), Tony McManus, arguably the greatest guitarist in Celtic music (Scotland), Liz Doherty (Ireland), The Halali Fiddle Band (USA), Oliver Schroer (Canada), Nicholas Williams (Canada), Pierre Schryer (Canada) and numerous others.

“Brian Pickell and his band are at the vanguard of a new living tradition of Celtic music. Brian’s original melodies have been instantly embraced by musicians both on the concert stage and in the kitchen. These tunes now rest easily with the traditional favourites on both sides of the ocean.”
Ian Bell, Director Marine Heritage Festival

“Your CD is beautiful! Great musicians, of course, and the most wonderful tunes. Congrats! This CD should be in the home of every Canadian.”
Lillian Wauthier – Presenter / Promoter – Acoustic Harvest.

“I’m telling you folks, this is serious firepower and they don’t disappoint…among this reviewer’s leading contenders for Canadian album of the year.”
Pat Simmonds, The Green Man Review

Silence Presents: Moonfruits and Georgian Bay
May 31, 2017 

MF + GB Ste-Quequepart Tour Poster - GuelphEscorted by a variety of stringed instruments and soaring harmonies, bilingual duos Moonfruits and Georgian Bay tour New-Brunswick, Québec and Ontario this summer in support of Moonfruits’ May 2017 release Ste-Quequepart and Georgian Bay’s 2016 Polaris Prize nominated album Patience. Spinning tales of Canadian mysticism where ideals and imagination intertwine, these longtime friends and collaborators invite you into their world to discover the wilderness of Georgian Bay’s shores and the stories of imaginary maritime village Ste-Quequepart.


Escorted by a banjo and a parlour guitar, Moonfruits’ soaring harmonies captivate listeners and celebrate common ground. Partners on and off stage, they summon music from a place where ideals and imagination intertwine.

Moonfruits’ sophomore album, Ste-Quequepart · “Saint-Somewhere” is a folk concept album that plays like a short film soundtrack, each of Ste-Quequepart’s tracks give voice to the inhabitants of this imaginary maritime village. Moonfruits soaring harmonies enchant listeners, weaving together arrangements that dance a varied landscape between intimate and cinematographic. The duo transports listeners elsewhere, inviting them to walk in another’s shoes and rediscover everyday people power.

Georgian Bay

Bilingual folk duo Georgian Bay entices audiences with scintillating harmonies and dreamlike melodies. Nominated for a 2016 Polaris Music Prize, their sophomore album, Patience, is inspired by the mysterious beauty of natural spaces. Spinning tales of modern Canadiana, the voices of Kelly Lefaive and Joëlle Westman intertwine with the soul of the violin and the heartbeat of the guitar to create an enchanting musical voyage to the shores of Spirit Lake, Georgian Bay.


Artists as Activists: Turkwaz and Nauroz Tanya

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Turkwaz is a unique combination of four musician/singers, immersed in diverse traditions from mysterious Sufi devotional love songs, to rousing Thracian dance music. Each performer brings a special flavour to the group. Maryem Hassan Tollar draws on her Arabic language heritage, Jayne Brown and Sophia Grigoriadis bring their experience with Greek music to the mix and Brenna MacCrimmon adds her Turkish fascination.They have a long-standing collective interest in Balkan traditions and add Albanian, Bulgarian and Macedonian and whatever else strikes their fancy to their repertoire. The love and respect they have for the traditions they draw from are clear but they are not afraid to arrange the tunes in new and unexpected ways to give them a fresh spin.Maryem Tollar

Maryem Tollar is a renowned Egyptian-Canadian vocalist, known for her world music performances as well as original compositions. Her voice has been heard on the theme of CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie and A.R. Rahman’s Bollywood hit, Mayya Mayya. Tollar was the featured vocalist in Tafelmusik’s 2016 production of “Tales of Two Cities: The Leipzig-Damascus Coffee Houses” and more recently she performed the world premiere of Christos Hatzis’ piece “Syn-Phonia – Migration Patterns” with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Inuit throat singer Tiffany Ayalik.

Brenna MacCrimmon

Brenna MacCrimmon is a Toronto-based interpreter of Turkish and Balkan songs – an adventure that began with a trip to a local public library’s vinyl collection in 1983. She has studied and performed with many notable masters of the traditions in both Turkey and the USA. She works in a diverse range of musical projects, travels frequently to perform and teach and thinks you can never stop learning.

Sophia Grigoriadis

Sophia Grigoriadis, is a musician and teacher. Over the past 30 years her study of Greek, Balkan and Middle Eastern singing and percussion has led her to compose, perform and tour with many Toronto world and fusion ensembles.

Her love of teaching and sharing her musical passion extends to all ages: as Church Choir Director of All Saints Greek Orthodox Church, as Music teacher from Preschool to Grade 8 at Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School, and to young children through her Clapping Land music studio, where her compilation world music CD Sound Adventures — Global Music for Children garnered the Parent’s Choice Foundation Silver Award.

Jayne Brown

Since making the switch from classical to folkloric singing, Jayne Brown has been learning, performing, travelling and recording with several ensembles, including Latin American ensembles, Nazka and Ilédé, Macedonian band Staro Selo, and Mediterranean mash-up bands Maza Mezé and the Maryem Tollar ensemble. For the past couple decades, Jayne has been concentrating her efforts on Greek folkloric song, studying in both Greece and Toronto. Jayne balances her time between music and her psychotherapy practice.

Visit for more information.

Nauroz Tanya


Nauroz Tanya is a Kurdish-Canadian composer who began music lessons at the age of six. His father was one of the pioneers in the theater and early television revolution, and through him, Nauroz developed a great interest in music and art.

After completing a degree in music, Nauroz composed music for chamber ensembles, performed in piano solos, orchestras, and short and full-length movies showcased in Europe, Australia, US, and Canada. He wrote music for media and television in France, Germany, and Sweden where he lived for several years and attended the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. He worked as an assistant administrator for the Guelph Symphony and administrator for the Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra. He studied piano with Dr Joseph Ferretti, and composition with Dr. Glenn Buhr. He currently studies with Linda Catlin Smith.

Along with his medical studies, Nauroz continues composing for various orchestras around the world, most recently focusing on the issues of immigration and diaspora.

May 20, 2017

MINOTAURS-MINOTAURS frontman Nathan Lawr made the transition from singer-songwriter to bandleader with 2010’s The Thing. Now, as the band readies the release of their fourth album, AUM, the journey of its sister-album, 2016’s apocalyptic-psychedelic afro-folk epic Weird Waves continues. Thanks to their collaboration with Stuart Bogie, whose work with Brooklyn-based afrobeat/jazz ensemble Antibalas has been inspirational for MINOTAURS and who was essential in the process of bringing the band closer together, the resulting album shows a band at their full melodic and funky potential: raging, kaleidoscopic, real, and joyous. MINOTAURS are your new musical boyfriend.



Drone Forest: Jeff Bird and Gary Diggins
May 19, 2017

Drone Forest May 19

Dance or dream. Get lost in sound.








Silence Presents: Eamon McGrath and Wilderness of Manitoba
May 18, 2017


Show & Book Launch

Eamon McGrath (Edmonton/Toronto)

McGrath is on an extended Canadian / European tour to promote the upcoming release of his book Berlin – Warszaw Express!(ECW Press) The book fictionalizes experiences from his life and the lives of his peers to seek out meaning and significance in the tumultuous and emotional experience of living on the road. McGrath will be accompanying readings from the novel with a few tunes from his brilliant, extensive catalog.

Wilderness Of Manitoba (Toronto)

Since its inception The Wilderness Of Manitoba has continued to grow and evolve with every new release. Throughout it all founding member Will Whitwham has left his imprint on each and every sound the band has produced. Wilderness of Manitoba are on tour to promote their new release, The Tin Shop EP, Whitwham is joined by vocalist/guitarist Raven Shields on this tour for a more stripped down, anthemic folk rock feel to reveal the true heart of Whitwham’s songwriting.

Silence Presents: Pierre Bensusan
May 13, 2017

Pierre-Final“Bensusan is very much his own animal. It’s like listening to a butterfly, to dappled sunshine coming through quaking aspens. His music flits and darts around like fish in a pool. And his compositions manage to encompass both the calmness of the pool and the flashing of the fish. It’s an entrancing, almost hypnotic thing to watch and hear, as he seems eager to share his journey, his light. I was struck by how the aim of each song was to be beautiful. Not witty, not avant-garde, not new, necessarily, but beautiful. A great craftsman plying his trade. A shepherd with his flock. As I left I felt all of a sudden that I’d been to temple after all. My own sort of temple, and by the end of the service I felt purified, cleansed, and ready for the new year.”
For more about Pierre, visit:

May 12, 2017

Silence -Kirtan Poster-1

John William Bauld, Shonna Annapurna Brown and friends will take you on a journey of love and discovery through devotional sounds of kirtan and meditation. Teachers of Yoga – Acharyas (M.Y.) John William Bauld & Shonna Annapurna Brown travel abroad teaching classical yoga and spreading the love that they hold in their heart for Bhakti music. The debut solo album produced in California by acclaimed Grammy-nominated Ben Leinbach mixes sacred Sanskrit mantra with modern adult contemporary music in English, with the single Nataraja, featured on Kripalu’s latest Seva CD ‘Sounds of Bhakti – Vol 7’. They are the founders of Anandafest which continues their commitment to promoting unity and oneness among all people.

When you Were Gone
May 5, 2017


Silence is pleased to announce an exciting and unique event: When You Were Gone: A Journey Through Sound and Word featuring previously unpublished poems and lyrics by award winning Aboriginal author Thomas King in musical dialogue with composer Rebecca Hennessy, joined by the amazing Silence Collective of improvising performers Jeff Bird, Matt Brubeck, Colin Couch, Gary Diggins, Daniel Fischlin, Lewis Melville and Joe Sorbara. There will be two performances: Thursday, May 4 with an opening ceremony by Inuit artist, musician, filmmaker Ame Papatsie at 8:00 pm, and performance at 8:30 pm, and on Friday, May 5 with a pre-show reception at 8:00 pm and performance at 9 pm. Tickets are available at Eventbrite, adults $25, students $20. Signed prints of Thomas King’s unpublished poems will be available at the events. This show is funded by Canada Council for the Arts and sponsored by the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation.

Widely read and greatly admired in Canada and around the world, Thomas King is considered one of the finest Aboriginal writers in North America. His many novels, collections of short stories and essays include his latest The Back of the Turtle winner of the Governor General’s Award, The Inconvenient Indian winner of the RBC Taylor Prize, Truth and Bright Water, his children’s book A Coyote Columbus Story and his novel Green Grass, Running Water were both finalists for the Governor General’s Award. King was selected in 2003 to give The Massey Lectures: The Truth about Stories, wrote and acted in the CBC Radio show The Dead Dog Café, and has been a part of the Silence and Morning Music community since its early days.

Rebecca Hennessy is a highly sought-after Toronto-based trumpeter, composer and bandleader. She has released seven albums and has performed and recorded with internationally recognized artists including Adele, Ron Sexsmith, Andy Kim, Owen Pallett, Broken Social Scene, Feist, Ab Baars and Ken Vandermark. In 2016 Hennessy’s FOG Brass Band (Two Calls) was nominated for both the Montreal Jazz Festival’s Grand Prix de Jazz and the Galaxie Rising Star Award at the Halifax Jazz Festival. FOG performs Hennessy’s original music, which merges several traditions including those of New Orleans, Balkan folk music, and country blues. She co-leads Way North, and Toronto’s chamber-jazz quartet, Hobson’s Choice, which has released three EPs and the full length album Of the Waves rated 4/4 by Toronto’s Now Magazine.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite, adults $25, students $20. Silence is located at 46 Essex Street in Guelph, west of the Farmer’s Market, 1 street south of Waterloo. Street parking available. Silence is a physically accessible location. For more information, please visit or email

Silence Presents: My Misshapen Ear with Special Guests
April 29, 2017

Untitled-13My Misshapen Ear is a collective trio featuring Anthony Argatoff on alto saxophone, Andrew Furlong on bass, and Joe Sorbara on drums and percussion. Their music ranges from minimalism to free jazz to chamber music through swinging, blues-inflected, nose-crinkling-neck-rocking grooves as often as prick-up-your-ears noise experiments. The band plays music composed by its three members whose strength as both composers and improvisers is on full display here.




Russell Scott Concert
April 28, 2017

Russell Scott-1

“Russell’s thought-provoking lyrics, skillful acoustic guitar work, and well
crafted arrangements blend smoothly to provide deeply satisfying listening
pleasure. If you like the song writing and technical brilliance of musicians
like Bruce Cockburn and Don Ross, you will certainly enjoy Russell Scott!
-Bob Froese, Organizer, Newmarket Main Street Folk and Blues Festival.

“The power with which one’s heart and spirit are called forth by Russell’s music belies any stylistic label, which might be applied to it. If this can be called performing, then it is performing of a very special sort. It is as if he is in each moment singing and playing from somewhere deep within the words and the tunes of the songs he so generously shares. And the resonances thus created flow out and equally enliven those who have joined with him as an audience. He’s no folk singer; he’s someone who lives deep within his spirit – deep within life — and brings that out through this particular idiom.”
Michael Vesselago.
-The Gathering.

Foreign Resort
April 26, 2017

17199209_10154507540310735_1597217395_nThe Foreign Resort

The Foreign Resort are Denmark’s finest musical export of post-punk and dark new wave. TFR combine the shadowy mysticism of The Cure’s Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. Intricate reverb-enveloped guitar lines glide over Steffan Petersen’s motorik bass and Morten Hansen’s powerful drumming, all while Mikkel’s taut and sincere vocal delivery demand your attention.

Glass Apple Bonzai

“Glass Apple Bonzai” is the retro synth pop solo project of Canadian songwriter and producer Daniel X. Belasco (member of Defence Mechanism, MDM (Modern Digital Militia), Necromancers Union, and Everything is Totally Fucked). Bonzai’s sound is a grand departure from the industrial/EBM style of his other projects, focusing on more melodic, romantic, and personal content both lyrically and sonically, and wears its 80’s electronic influences on its sleeve without shame.


SLUTMOTHER is a Guelph/Toronto-based dark operatic/electronic project consisting of Alia Synesthesia (lead vocals/keys), Lady J.C. (backing vocals/keys), and Ashley Neuf-Onze (drums/bass). The band is committed to critiquing the discourses that frame and shame women through music and theatrical performance.

The Silence Collective: A Fundraiser
April 23, 2017

South Korea Show

Re-mounting the Gangneung show.

Seven Guelph performers.Featuring Jeff Bird, Adam Bowman, Gary Diggins, Daniel Fischlin, Lewis Melville, Georgia Simms and Tannis Slimmon.

On February 3, 2017, the Silence Collective was invited to represent the Canadian music scene at the GANGNEUNG Folk Art Festival, in the region of South Korea – the location that is hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Collective played original music and interpreted music of Canadian artists such as Joni Mitchell and Greg Hoskins.Georgia Simms choreographed and performed several of the pieces.

“The Silence Collective: A Fundraiser” features performances based on the South Korean show.

Suggested donation: $20 and up

Earth Day Celebration with Gary Diggins and Barry Livingston
April 22, 2017


Earth Day Celebrations with Gary Diggins and Barry Livingston
Be prepared to be engaged.

Music, poetry, sound rituals, and more.

The Long Dark Road Album Release Party
April 14, 2017
TLDR Release show posterThe Long Dark Road is an audio experiment composed by Jeremy Cavan. It looks to combine the ethos and melody of punk and hardcore with black metal.

Silence Presents: Nomad

April 1, 2017

Nomad PosterNomad is a Montreal-based band of six imaginative and talented musicians hailing from all over North America. The group’s music telepathically weaves in-and-out of crisp structure, improvisational jungles and lyrical melody in a sublime mixture of jazz, rock and free improvisation.

Since forming in 2012 while attending McGill University, Nomad has become a fixture in the Montreal jazz and contemporary music scene . With frequent shows at Résonance Café and Casa Del Popolo, they have developed a steady following of open-eared music connoisseurs. Outside of the city, Nomad has performed at the Toronto International Jazz Festival (2015) and toured the Maritimes and Ontario.

Their second album “As We Are” was recorded at Breakglass Studios and was released this October at the L’Off Jazz Festival. The album captures the energy and spontaneity of the group’s live shows as well as showcasing the compositional and improvisational voices of each member.

The group also performed recently with renowned German pianist Pablo Held during his North American tour. Next up for the group is a tour to Ontario and the United States in April 2017.

“Rhythmic and visceral, Nomad’s music is the result of a meticulous search, an authentic collaborative spirit and a great sense of freedom.”

L’Off Festival de Montreal

“Nomad’s ambient approach, with its unrushed, relaxing sustained tones, and their flowing exchange of creative ideas highlights how these gifted musicians listen so intently to one another.”

Kerilie McDowall, CHLY

“Last night’s set at Silence – only just over an hour – was sublime and adventurous. These young musicians are not just improvising notes … they are improvising new forms and styles of music. There’s no category that I’m aware of that fits this music, and that is precisely what makes it so edgy and exciting.”

Alan Armstrong, Guelph resident

“Ce sont des musiciens aux horizons différents qui se réunissent, motivés à improviser et à aller au-delà de ce qui est prévu lorsqu’ils jouent, touchant l’essence même du style jazz”

Luca Max, Blogue Montreal Campus